Board and Batten Wall

Since Matt and I are both working from home more and more these days, we needed to find two office spaces in our house. So our two extra bedrooms turned into offices. Since I did some work on my office space a couple months ago, it was now time for us to do some work on Matt’s office space. You can check out my vision for his space in the post here.

The first thing I wanted to do in this office space was create an accent wall. I love how Pinterest and Instagram is full of those these days. There are such fun geometric shapes and designs in these accent walls. I thought about doing one of those in this room, but I wanted a more traditional feel, so I decided to go with a floor to ceiling board and batten wall.

Here is what the wall looked like when we started. Plain and boring.

Doing your own board and batten in your house is super easy and can be done in a weekend or two. Follow the step-by-step below to create this in your own house.

Floor to Ceiling Board and Batten Wall


Underlayment (only if you have textured walls)

2in primed MDF

Paint of your choice (I used Views by Clare)

Finish Nailer (only if using underlayment)

16 gauge 2 in nails (only if using underlayment)

Brad Nailer

18 gauge 2in nails

Wood Filler

Miter Saw

Orbital Sander

Orbital Sand Paper



1. This is a very important step so make sure you don’t miss it. Plan out your space and the design you want on your wall. I did this using using this awesome board and batten trim planner.

2. You only need to do this step if you have textured walls. Cut the underlayment to correct board size. You will want the seams between the boards where you are going to put the 2in MDF boards. Attach the boards to the wall using the finish nailer.