DIY Potting Bench

Once we finished redoing our work space in our garage, we had an old miter saw table and and work bench that we weren’t going to use any more. My mission was to upscale it. My first project was going to be turning the old miter saw table into a potting table. Here was the what our miter saw table looked like:

As I started thinking through the different ways I could use the miter saw table, I kept coming back to a potting bench. Here was some inspiration I had:

This was going to be pretty easy for me to create. All I needed were some pots, plants, and planting supplies. Then a couple coats of stain and sealer for the actual potting bench.

Supplies Needed:

If you don’t have a an existing potting table or bench you can use, here are some DIY plans to build your own:

Or, some potting tables and benches you can purchase online:

All you need to do is stain the table and add the exterior spray, then you are ready to start using it. This is what the potting table looked like during the staining process: