DIY Project Step 1: Start Small

In my post about starting your first DIY Project, I laid out my three pro tips to starting your next project. The first tip was to start small. I don't know about you, but when I get lost in Pinterest, I suddenly have a 100 new projects that I want to do. Some are small like painting a wall, and others are large like redoing our backyard deck. I have done projects big and small and everything in between. If you are just getting started with DIY, my advice is to start small. There are 3 easy projects that you can start to get your foot in the door with DIY. These projects are:

  • Painting furniture or a wall

  • Building a simple table

  • Adding board and batten to a wall

Painting Furniture or a Wall

Painting is the easiest DIY project to start living out all your DIY dreams. All you need is a bucket of paint and paint brush - and if you're me, maybe some clothes you can get paint on. I get paint everywhere!

Painting can also make such a difference in a room on a low budget. Painting can completely transform the look of a room, and it is such an easy update. If you think you should paint something, do it! You won't regret it. And even if you do, just paint it again. Check out the before and after of our sun room to see what a difference some white paint made. Bam! Look at that! I have a lot of ideas for this room, but paint will have to do for now.

Building a Table

Building a table is another easy project that can tackle first in the DIY world. Check out Ana White and Shanty2Chic. They both have awesome DIY building tutorials for the beginner and for the advanced DIYer.

My husband and I built this table for our breakfast nook. This space was a weird size, so we had to build a table specific to that space. This one is a little fancier than a beginner DIY project, but there are some super easy DIY projects that you can tackle to get started. Check these out as examples: