How To Install Crown Moulding

Our house did not have any crown moulding when we moved into it. The house was a flip, so there was very little character added to the house and hardly any detail. Both of which I am a huge fan. For me, the basics of character and a lived in home starts with some crown moulding. My goal by the time we are finished with this house is to have crown moulding in every room in our house. We’ve got some work to do!

Before we started our office project, Matt and I had installed crown moulding in one room in our house - the living room. It looks good, but it was hard. And there was a lot of cussing involved. So we were hesitant to tackle our next crown moulding project, but I was determined. We were going to make crown moulding happen.

I also really wanted to have crown moulding in this room because I think it makes such a difference in looking like the room is put together. This is what our room looked like before crown moulding. Although there is a lot missing from this room, the walls definitely look like something is missing without crown moulding.

This time I did a lot of research before and stumbled across a Kreg Crown Pro to help cut crown moulding. This helps with angles and ensures you are cutting the moulding the right way. This tool is great because it measures the angle of the crown moulding, measures the angle of the wall, and helps guide the cuts. This is what the tool looks like:

So my instructions are going to include how to do this with the Kreg tool. After installing crown moulding with this tool and without this tool, I definitely recommend using this tool to hang your crown moulding. It makes the process so much easier.

How to Install Crown Moulding

Tools Needed

Ryobi Miter Saw

Kreg Crown Pro Tool

Crown Moulding (I used crown molding that was 2.5 inches wide to match the rest of the crown molding)

Ryobi Finish Nailer

Finish Nails

Wood Filler


Caulk gun