How to Install Shiplap

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The real deal Shiplap is hard to find. Somehow it magically appears in like 80% of the homes Chip and Joanna remodel, but I don't live in Waco, nor is it that easy to find. So people like me, that want a little shiplap in their own homes, have to come up with creative ways to get it there. I am here to tell you that this is easy to do and can be a quick afternoon project with the right tools and supplies.

The first project we did Shiplap with was in built-in living room set up. I know I have shown y'all a couple views of what our living room looked liked before and what it looks like now. As a reminder, here is what our living room looked like before. Boring.

Our plan was to do two built-in bookcases with shiplap and a fireplace in between. First we did the built-ins using an Ikea Hack. Check it out here. Once that was done, we could start with the shiplap.

How to Install Shiplap:


1/4 in thick Plywood cut into 8 in tall strips (width is the length of your space. Home depot can cut this for you or you can use a Table Saw)

Eggshell Paint in the color of your choice (We used Pure White by Sherwin Williams)


A few quarters


Table saw (if your hardware store cannot cut the plywood for you)

Brad Nailer

18 gauge brad nails

Wood filler

Stud finder

Paint Brush

Paint Roller