How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Like most homes, the bedrooms in my homes have carpet. Ever since we moved into our house, I've hated our carpet. I think the color is dirty and the carpet seems cheap to me, so I have always wanted to get rid of it. It was finally my time. Check out what my floors looked like before I tore them up.

When we decided to turn our extra bedroom into an office and guest room combo, the first thing I wanted to do was replace the floors. We have dogs - they are big, muddy, and messy, so I had my heart set on luxury vinyl planks from the get go because they are durable and do not scratch easily. That was the easy decision.

The hard decision was color. Where I don't have carpet, I have either wood or tile in my house. I needed to decide whether I was going to find a vinyl plank that came close to the color of my existing wood floors or go with a completely different color. So the search began.

I ordered probably 30 different samples of floors from all different kinds of websites to find the floors I was looking for. I tested the color by seeing how it looked with my existing floors, and I tested the durability by running a key over them to see how they would do with dogs. If anyone in Dallas is looking to put in new floors and is looking for samples, I have 30 of them in my garage. Call me.

I finally landed on a vinyl plank that matched my floors and was durable enough for my three crazy dogs. Even better about this choice was that I could order it online, pick it up at my local Home Depot and install it myself. I was sold. I chose TrafficMaster Allure in High Point Chestnut (it also has great reviews which helped with my decision). This is what the floor looks like on the Home Depot website.

Looks good right? So let's move on to how to make your floors look like this.

Supplies Needed:

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Transition Strip

Mounting Tape

Utility Knife

Miter Saw or Circular Saw (only if you need a transition strip)

Measuring Tape

How to Install Vinyl Planks: