Ikea Hack: DIY Built-ins

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When we decided we were going to do DIY built-ins in our living rooms, I think I saved 100 Pinterest posts on how others have done their builds. I thought about building custom shelves, but that was a little complicated and would have taken too long for me at the time. So I landed on doing built-ins using a Billy Bookcase Ikea hack.

Billy bookcases are great for several reasons:

  • They are extremely versatile. They come in several different widths and colors. They can also be painted to the color of your choosing.

  • They have extenders that make the bookcases taller than they are, which helps with built-ins.

  • They can be stacked together to create a wall of built-ins.

  • Crown molding can be easily added to create more character and more of the built-in look.

  • Doors can can be added to Billy to create additional storage options.

Could the Billy Bookcase get any better? I don't think so.

Here is what our Billy Bookcase looked like once we added our built-in magic. Doesn't that look pretty incredible? Heck yeah it does!

Okay so I know you are dying to for me to tell you how to do this DIY in your home. Let me show you.


Ikea Billy Bookcase x 2

Ikea Billy Extension x 2

Ikea Oxberg Door x 2

Black Cabinet Pulls - 4 pulls

Crown Molding -10ft

Baseboard - 10ft

Shoe Molding - 32ft

Primer - must use extra adhesive primer to attach to Ikea finish

White gloss or semi-gloss paint (We did Pure White by Sherwin Williams - our fav)

Wood filler