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Are you remodeling a kitchen or bathroom and can’t decide what finishes, fixtures, and fittings to use? Are you working on a new build and there are too many beautiful options to choose from? For spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, sometimes all you need are the finishes, fixtures and fittings to complete the space. We can curate all the finishes, fixtures, and fittings you need to complete your bathroom or kitchen design.


If you are starting at the beginning for a kitchen or bathroom remodel or new build and need help with the full design process, contact us for details on how we can work together.


  • What’s Included
    • Selection of finishes (tile, hardware, cabinets, countertops, and paints), fixtures (lighting and plumbing fixtures), and fittings (mirrors, accessories, and shelving)
    • A design board, which is a 2D visual representation of all the finishes and fixtures chosen for the space
    • A shopping list with links to the products and purchasing information
    • An installation guide that details how and where to place certain pieces and accessories


  • What’s Not Included
    • Specific room styling accessories (e.g. bookshelf and tabletop decor)
    • Selection or design of custom furniture, window treatments, cabinets, or built-ins
    • A to-scale floor plan of the room layout with furniture placements
    • 3D Rendering of the room


Once you purchase this service, you will receive a welcome packet with instructions for how to fill out the Client Onboarding Packet and schedule our virtual meeting to get started. 

Finishes & Fixtures

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