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Welcome to Caroline Sears Home!

Hi friends! Welcome to Caroline Sears Home! I am so glad you stumbled on my website today. While you‘re here, I want to introduce myself to you, tell you why I started Caroline Sears home, and give you a sneak peak to what I‘ve been working on.

About Me

I love DIY projects. I am constantly dreaming up a new ideas to add to our home. I am always looking to create something beautiful and fun on a budget, and DIY projects are the perfect opportunity for me to do that.

My husband and I got into DIY projects after we moved into our first house. Soon after moving in, we had to shell out some big bucks on projects we were not anticipating like a new HVAC system ($$$), so all the other projects we were planning had to be done on a budget and using our own manpower. After our first DIY project, I was hooked! We have since moved to a different house, but we have renovated that house ourselves using the DIY skills from our first house.

If you want to know more about me, here is a crash course on all things Caroline Sears:

1. I have been married to my husband, Matt, since 2016. He is the muscle behind our renovations and supports all my fun ideas.

2. I do not have any formal education in renovation or design. I did my undergrad at The University of Texas at Austin, and my masters at Syracuse University.

3. I believe that blue is a neutral. You will find that color in every room of my home. I think it is so versatile.

4. On the weekends, you can find me tearing up the local karaoke stage. In another life, I was Reba McIntyre.

5. We have three puppers that I think are the cutest thing on the planet: Remmy, Gunner, and Trooper.

6. I am a nerd at heart. I love all things technology and data. I spend a good chunk of my free time researching and reading about it in my free time.

7. I am a true crime junkie. I spend hours listening to true crime podcasts while I am renovating my home and working on DIY projects. If you are looking for some recommendations for podcasts, I can hook you up.

8. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I love the city I live in and want to do my part to help renovate homes in the city.

9. Red wine is my drink of choice followed closely by a frozen margarita. Mambo taxis anyone?

10. I’ve watched The Office and Parks and Rec from start to finish at least 5 times. I am a firm believer in Treat Yo Self days.

Why I Started Caroline Sears Home

I believe every house can be turned into a home with a bucket of paint and a power drill. Regardless of if you live in a brand new house or one that has some stories to tell, every house needs character and personality to feel like home. I aim to create those environments with every DIY and renovation project I tackle. I want to share that character and personality with you, show you how to do projects yourself, and encourage you to head to your nearest Home Depot to get supplies for your next project.

I also started Caroline Sears Home as a channel to partner with others to help them achieve their home visions. If you need inspiration for your next project or need someone to manage a project for you, I can help. Check out my services page to see how I can help you with your next home renovation or design project.

What Am I Working On

Right now I am working on projects both big and small. I am doing anything from adding more warmth to a room by hanging curtains, laying new floors in our home, and helping my family with some of their bigger renovations. Check out my blog in the next few days to learn more!

Can’t wait to start sharing more with y‘all!

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